Completing Form I-9

You and we will complete the form in a phone call with the assistance of someone whom you know, acting as your employer’s representative. The person who will help us can be a friend, neighbor, or even a spouse or family member. They must be 17 years of age or older. 

Everything is Important!

Form I-9 is not just another piece of “government red tape.” If your new employer is audited, they can be fined thousands of dollars if your form is not completed correctly or legally. To complete the form correctly and minimize liability for your employer:

  • You must, without exception, complete the form in a face-to-face meeting. We will notify your employer if you attempt to use a webcam, three-way call or other ruse. If you absolutely cannot find someone to complete the form, call us.
  • Original identification documents are required. The “authorized representative” must look at your original documents. Completing the form with ID copies is a serious form error for which your employer could terminate you.
  • Every detail is important! If our form specialist instructs you to write info in a specific field, do so. If you have already written something else on the form, tell our form specialist. If you are completing the form on your computer with a PDF editor, tell us.

What To Do

To ensure a quick and successful call, please follow these instructions:

1. Download and print the form here: .

2. Complete Section 1 of the form (black ink preferred; no pencil). Enter your name, address, date of birth and Social Security number.

The other fields (email address, phone number, other last names used, etc.) are optional but if you do not write data in them, write “N/A” (no boxes in this section should be left blank).

3. Check one of the four boxes to indicate your citizenship status. If you check #3 or #4, you must enter additional information.

4. Sign your name in the “Signature of Employee” field.

5. Enter the date that you complete Section 1 in the “Today’s Date” field.

6. Check one of the boxes in the “Preparer and/or Translator Certification” shaded area.

  • If you completed Section 1 (page 1) on your own, check the first box;
  • If you required assistance to complete Section 1, check the second box. The person who helped you must complete the “Preparer and/or Translator Certification” at the bottom of page 1.

Do not write anything on page 2.

7. Find the friend, neighbor or family member to act as your employer’s “Authorized Representative” to complete page 2.

About the `Authorized Representative`

Page 2 of Form I-9 must be completed by the employer or someone representing the employer during a face-to-face meeting with the employee. The employer or representative must look at original, unexpired identification documents in the presence of the employee and describe them on the form. The person who acts as the employer’s representative can be anyone whom the employer authorizes to act on their behalf.

Your employer has hired us to complete Form I-9 with you. They have also authorized us to allow you to find the person who will act as their representative from your circle of friends, family and acquaintances. We require the “authorized representative” to be a competent adult.

8. Click “Schedule Your Call” to select a date and time that you and the friend, neighbor or family member can both be present during a call to our Form Specialist.

At Your Call Time…

Call us at 888-933-8374 option #2 at your appointment time. The person who will assist MUST be present when you call. (We don’t call you!)

We will check page 1 with you, then guide your friend, neighbor or family member in the completion of page 2. You must have in hand EITHER:

  • one (1) original, unexpired identification document from List A of the “Lists of Acceptable Documents” found in the Form I-9 instructions; OR
  • a combination of one (1) original, unexpired document from List B AND one (1) original, unexpired document from List C.

Commonly-used documents are:

  • a US Passport, Permanent Resident Card or Employment Authorization Document;
  • a driver’s license and Social Security card;
  • a driver’s license and birth certificate issued in the U.S.

If you are working under a special employment status (F-1, M-1, etc.), you will receive a separate email with more information about acceptable identification documents.

Which identification documents to present is your choice. Read the document descriptions in the “lists of acceptable documents” carefully!

We look forward to talking with you!

(If you want to know more about what we’re doing, this fact sheet will help: Employee Information Sheet )